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Definitely The Coolest Jellyfish You’ve Seen in the Last Five Minutes

On a scale from 1 to awesome, this thing is really amazing. The halitrephes jellyfish is a deep sea hydrozoan found at crazy depths of 4,000 to 5,000 feet! (that’s…

Attacus Atlas Moth

This Huge Moth

Attacus Atlas is a moth that lives in the forests of Asia and it’s frickin’ HUGE! Reaching up to about a foot across in wingspan I wouldn’t want…

Cats Reaction To Your Mix Tape

Have I told you what I think of your mix tape? No? Well, here it is.

cute baby creatures

12 Unexpectedly Cute Baby Animals

We all know baby animals are super cute. But what about those animals you probably wouldn’t even consider thinking about at all, and much less in the context…

let me stand on your head

Head stand. 

  Aka when I stand on your head. 😎

I Brought You Some Toast!

Come on baby, don’t be like that.  I brought you some toast.    

Unicorns Fart Rainbows


Bad Squishy       

Just some cute jellyfishes. 🐙🐠         

Got sand on my wiener 


dont tell me how to live my life funny cat

Don’t tell me how to live my life!

“don’t tell me how to live my life” – funny cat. probably.   funny shit cats do.

cool looking honeycomb

Cool Looking Honeycomb

Just some interesting stuff.. cool looking honeycomb. Almost art-worthy. Kinda makes a heart shape in the middle there.

tiny brontosauruses

Look Tiny Brontosauruses!

tiny brontosauruses..  brontosauri?

5 day old Emus

5 day old Emus

Well they grow up ugly and weird, but at five days old emus are super cute.

cute little animated octopus or squid

A cute friend.