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grumpy cats valentines day

Grumpy Cat’s Valentine

So you really want to boycott Valentines day entirely, but someone you know would be disappointed if you did? We have the solution. Try this lovely grumpy cat’s…


Fuckonomics 101

An amusing reminder that we should all prioritize what we put our energy into. Not everyones’ priorities are going to be the same, and that’s great because the…

Avant Guard Dog

Beware the Avant-Guard Dog

Just a cute comic of the Avant-Guard Dog.

featured rudeolph

Rudeolph The Rude Nose Reindeer

You’ve obviously herd (deer jokes?) of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. This is his my funnier, clearly English, cousin Rudeolph The Rude Nose Reindeer. What a cunt. I’ll…

featured sincerely zombies

An Open Letter From Zombies

It’s not always about your body. Sometimes it’s about your brain and how cool you are. So from zombies everywhere, we want you all for your brains not…

featured unification theory of cutlery and silverware

The Grand Unification Theory Of Silverware

You know the basics of silverware, the knife, fork, spoon, and perhaps even a spork thrown in there just in case. But what about the other hybrid cutlery? The…

grand unification theory of santa

A Grand Unification Theory Of Santa

There’s a fine line between being a mythical creature like Santa Clause and an evil twist on religion like the Spanish Inquisition. As we all know, with great…

featured funny chalkboard bar signs

The Funniest Restaurant and Bar Chalkboard Signs

A lot of bars and restaurants now have funny chalkboard signs out front to entice new customers to come try their food and drinks. But these people aren’t…

funny spiderman costume Web Design 101

Web Design 101 Spiderman Style

Spiderman and Venom? doing some simple web design. Actually drawing out a spiders web, lol. But we must go deeper into web design! Save for web, a photoshop feature…

Superman Doctor Who crossover comic

Doctor Who Superman comic crossover. 

It’s bigger on the inside. I swear.  Hilarious comic crossover of Superman and Doctor Who. The only problem is superman goes into a police box instead of a…

lol dick jokes

The exact spot my zipper broke. 

Dick jokes. #bigdickproblems

alcohol is not the answer

Alcohol Poster

Alcohol is not the answer. It just makes me forget the question.

I Brought You Some Toast!

Come on baby, don’t be like that.  I brought you some toast.    

Cool beans vs jelly beans 

Be cool.  Don’t be uncool.  Obviously.    


When you in the ghetto high as fuck but still want good noodle soup. Pho 20.   

Anarchy in the UK

Funny comic. Anarchy in the UK.  Would you like some tea?  NO! 

How to get rich online

How to get righ on the Internet.    

dont tell me how to live my life funny cat

Don’t tell me how to live my life!

“don’t tell me how to live my life” – funny cat. probably.   funny shit cats do.

the magical fuckunicorn

Look A Magical Fuck-u-nicorn

Look A Magical Fuck-u-nicorn! For those magical moments when you really need to fuck off.  

biggest lies on the internet

The Biggest Lies On The Internet, An Infographic

What other biggest lies are there out there in internetland? lol. I have read the terms and conditions. I am at least 18 years old. You have been…

awesome cat tshirt

Funny Clever cat Tshirt

Yup, that all. Just a funny cat shirt.