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X-FILES Complete Show Timeline gillian anderson david duchovny

The X-Files Reopened – Full X-Files Timeline Infographic To Catch Up On The Show

Catch up on the entirety of the X-Files saga mythology without having to binge watch 200+ hours of tv with this handy timeline infographic.

Free Beer Sign

Inequality Of Service For Men And Women

A riff on classic restaurant and convenience store signs saying No shirt, no shoes, no service.

Featured Sexy StarWars Costumes and Clothing Roundup

Sexy Star Wars Costumes

These are the sexy Star Wars women’s costumes you are looking for. Now that it’s socially acceptable, sexy even in certain situations, we can show off all of…

kick the bible out of schools

Separation Of Church And State

Let’s talk about separation of church and state for a minute. America was founded with a strong will to keep church and religion out of schools and government…

hairstyle inspiration

The Best Hairstyle Inspiration From Your Favorite TV Shows And Movies

Hairstyle inspiration from your favorite movies and tv shows. Great for costume parties, halloween, and more every day styles with more pizzaz than the basic hair you have…

the force awakens with coffee

The Force Awakens

For me The Force Awakens with as much coffee as possible. So excited to see the new Star Wars Movie! View this post on Instagram #theforceawakens #coffee ☕️…


In honor of Back to the Future

New HOVA hoverboard from IKEA!    

Stop calling it an issue 

Seriously this is why there aren’t more women in tech. Women choose not to be.    


Our pork is 100% David Camron free.  As it should be damn dirty English.    

Game of thrones season 5

Game of Thrones Episodes 1 to 4 are already available for download

Game of Thrones Episodes 1 to 4 are apparently already available for download! The episode leak seems to be a result of HBO trying to have a synchronized release…

Lamathrust is way better then horsepower

Lamathrust. Seriously.

Seriously, Lamathrust should be a thing. Even Zebraforce would be cool. Hilarious question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. What is an actual animal-based unit of measure?…

How long will it take to watch - popular tv show total run times

Binge Watching TV Shows. How long have you spent watching your favorite show?

It’s pretty common to binge watch a good show over a rainy weekend. But have you ever stopped to thing about how much of your life you’ve spent…