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simple metal coffee table with softer edges

Simple & Modern Metal Coffee Tables

Surprisingly sleek and modern, metal coffee tables could be exactly what your living room needs. With modern manufacturing techniques and powder coating, we can get super strong and…

9 coffee table styles to wow your guests

9 Coffee Table Styles To Make Your Living Room Really Amazing

Everyone needs a coffee table for eating dinner watching a movie to or put your feet up when you’re lounging around on a lazy summer day. Here are…

herringbone cutting boards

Serious Butcher Blocks

Home is where the heart is, and your kitchen is the center of everything in your home. You’re there every day from making your morning coffee before running…

cute heart coasters

Valentine’s Day Heart Gifts

Need some ideas for Valentine’s Day? How about a quiet dinner at home, with some wine and candles, cooking together (or ordering from a take out menu together)….

Cookie Monster Christmas

A Cookie Monster Christmas

Look, I love cookies, and therefore the cookie monster. What’s not to love? He’s big, blue, and fluffy… and loves cookies probably to make him not sad and…

Beautiful Benches Outdoor and indoor benches

25 Beautiful Benches

25 gorgeous benches for your inspiration. While many of these were seem to be intended for outdoor use, they would be equally beautiful pieces for your homes entry…

featured pallet wood furniture ideas

Cool Wood Pallet Furniture Ideas

Wood palette furniture, shelving, and decor is easy to make and inexpensive because you can pick up free pallets all over the place. Here are a bunch of…

24,000,000 watch Graves Supercomplication

Stupid rich people stuff

  The $24,000,000 watch ..  The Graves Supercomplication. Why?, this is the dumbest thing ever.

grass with tractor tire mark area rug

JD Grass rug

Super cool grass with tractor tire mark area rug. Wish it was a rectangle instead of a circle. By Permafrost

giant leap moon walk area rug

Giant Leap – moon walk area rug

Giant Leap area rug. OMG this is cool..  and probs super nerdy. 40 years after man made his first impressions on the dusty lunar surface, we release the…

Banana wet floor sign

Banana wet floor sign

Simply the best wet floor sign I’ve ever seen.