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15 amazing black ink jellyfish tattoos

15 Amazing Black Ink Jellyfish Tattoos

Jellyfish are obviously super cool looking. Soft and squishy but dangerous and will sting you if you touch them. Maybe that’s overthinking it but also maybe the subconscious…


20 Mind-bending Optical Illusion Tattoos

Optical illusions as tattoos are particularly mind-bending because your brain has trouble wrapping itself around the idea that it can now “see” into someones body, where there should…

featured-octopus tattoos

24 Amazing Octopus Tattoos

Octopus are some of the smartest creatures in the oceans. They are also beautiful and so very different from humans that they are the stuff of old seafaring…

Featured Natural Beauty of Snowflakes

The Natural Beauty Of Snowflakes

The infinite variation and natural beauty of snowflakes is amazing. As you check out the gallery of amazing macro photos of snowflakes think about the designs and how…

StarWars Inspired Tattoo Gallery

Awesome Star Wars Tattoos

Alright, you should have seen Star Wars 7 by now, so I can post whatever I want without caring about spoilers (there’s no spoilers here anyway). Now that…

21 watercolor tattoos

21 Great Watercolor Tattoos

Since everyone is loving the other post on watercolor tattoos, let’s check out some more. Lots of delicately shaded multi-color flowers, abstract splashes of color, and some kittens…

Featured watercolor tattoos

25 Amazing Watercolor Tattoos

An amazing new trend in tattoos is the, usually super colorful, watercolor style. But it’s really not just a watercolor look for a lot of these tattoos, it’s…

duck hunt tramp stamp dog laughs at you

Duck Hunt tramp stamp dog laughs at you

duck hunt tramp stamp dog laughs at you. lol. best tattoo to laugh at. Also check out the best ambigram tattoo.

wolf street art graffiti

Wolf Graffiti

wolf street art graffiti. wow.

Giant green octopus art graffiti

Octopus Graffiti Art

  Giant Green Octopus Graffiti Art

75 Amazing Wrist Tattoos

75 Amazing Wrist Tattoos. Cute inspiration for your new tattoo. Check out these tatts for cool fonts and text symbols. Seems like lots of people like to remind…

35 cute wrist tattoos

35 Sweet Wrist Tattoos

35 Sweet Wrist Tattoos. Just a bit of inspiration for some mini wrist tattoos..  yea, I know the bird one is just a stamp, but whatever, it’s cool…

Daan Roosegaarde - interactive art installation - Lotus Dome

Lotus Dome

LOTUS DOME is a living dome made out of hundreds of smart flowers which fold open in response to human behavior. Deep inside the 17th-century Sainte Marie Madeleine…

mayhem the best ambigram tattoo

The best ambigram tattoo – mayhem [NSFW]

The best ambigram tattoo. Mayhem Ambigram. [NSFW]

Catharsis. ink on paper. by jeff bayer

Catharsis – Ink Drawing

Catharsis. By Jeff Bayer. 12″ x 18″ Ink on Paper.    Amazing original art at