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cute baby creatures

12 Unexpectedly Cute Baby Animals

We all know baby animals are super cute. But what about those animals you probably wouldn’t even consider thinking about at all, and much less in the context…


Fuckonomics 101

An amusing reminder that we should all prioritize what we put our energy into. Not everyones’ priorities are going to be the same, and that’s great because the…

Free Beer Sign

Inequality Of Service For Men And Women

A riff on classic restaurant and convenience store signs saying No shirt, no shoes, no service.

Avant Guard Dog

Beware the Avant-Guard Dog

Just a cute comic of the Avant-Guard Dog.

featured-octopus tattoos

24 Amazing Octopus Tattoos

Octopus are some of the smartest creatures in the oceans. They are also beautiful and so very different from humans that they are the stuff of old seafaring…

featured grind sign

Rise and Grind

Your motivation for today. This beautiful pink neon sign reminding you to rise and grind. That’s what the pursuit of happiness is all about, grinding away in whatever…

featured rudeolph

Rudeolph The Rude Nose Reindeer

You’ve obviously herd (deer jokes?) of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. This is his my funnier, clearly English, cousin Rudeolph The Rude Nose Reindeer. What a cunt. I’ll…

featured sincerely zombies

An Open Letter From Zombies

It’s not always about your body. Sometimes it’s about your brain and how cool you are. So from zombies everywhere, we want you all for your brains not…

featured body fat visual truth

Visual Truth Of Body Fat Percentages Chart

Everyone’s body is at least a bit different (unless you have an identical twin), but even so we are all very similar in how our bodies look with…

featured unification theory of cutlery and silverware

The Grand Unification Theory Of Silverware

You know the basics of silverware, the knife, fork, spoon, and perhaps even a spork thrown in there just in case. But what about the other hybrid cutlery? The…

grand unification theory of santa

A Grand Unification Theory Of Santa

There’s a fine line between being a mythical creature like Santa Clause and an evil twist on religion like the Spanish Inquisition. As we all know, with great…


Fuckoffee Cafe

You love coffee and the caffeine that comes with it is pretty much needed to function at all. So I like to remind people about my need for…

featured funny chalkboard bar signs

The Funniest Restaurant and Bar Chalkboard Signs

A lot of bars and restaurants now have funny chalkboard signs out front to entice new customers to come try their food and drinks. But these people aren’t…

Featured Sexy StarWars Costumes and Clothing Roundup

Sexy Star Wars Costumes

These are the sexy Star Wars women’s costumes you are looking for. Now that it’s socially acceptable, sexy even in certain situations, we can show off all of…

kick the bible out of schools

Separation Of Church And State

Let’s talk about separation of church and state for a minute. America was founded with a strong will to keep church and religion out of schools and government…

Featured Natural Beauty of Snowflakes

The Natural Beauty Of Snowflakes

The infinite variation and natural beauty of snowflakes is amazing. As you check out the gallery of amazing macro photos of snowflakes think about the designs and how…

Cookie Monster Christmas

A Cookie Monster Christmas

Look, I love cookies, and therefore the cookie monster. What’s not to love? He’s big, blue, and fluffy… and loves cookies probably to make him not sad and…

StarWars Inspired Tattoo Gallery

Awesome Star Wars Tattoos

Alright, you should have seen Star Wars 7 by now, so I can post whatever I want without caring about spoilers (there’s no spoilers here anyway). Now that…

funny spiderman costume Web Design 101

Web Design 101 Spiderman Style

Spiderman and Venom? doing some simple web design. Actually drawing out a spiders web, lol. But we must go deeper into web design! Save for web, a photoshop feature…

Beautiful Benches Outdoor and indoor benches

25 Beautiful Benches

25 gorgeous benches for your inspiration. While many of these were seem to be intended for outdoor use, they would be equally beautiful pieces for your homes entry…

featured pallet wood furniture ideas

Cool Wood Pallet Furniture Ideas

Wood palette furniture, shelving, and decor is easy to make and inexpensive because you can pick up free pallets all over the place. Here are a bunch of…